Gamyklos Street, Rudamina, Vilnius District, 2021–2022

Project Type: Steel structures for buildings

In September 2021, we signed an agreement with #ArchitectoniceetDesignatio, and in October we began manufacturing structures with a total weight of as much as 630 tons, which will require 60–65 trucks, for a building being constructed by #StengelLT, a company operated by its German shareholder Stengel GMBH.

As problems with supply of materials and possible risks are faced all over the world, we chose an option of ordering the whole of 630 tons of steel at once, thus ensuring the smooth execution of the project and guarantees to the customer.
The production volume was 250 tons and more per month.

  • Client: Architectonice Et Desginatio UAB
  • Quantity of materials: 630 tons