Butina's manufacturing processes are not only CE-mark certified but also rigorously align with the LST EN 1090-2 standard directives. We are accredited to manufacture metal structures that meet the criteria of the EXC2 and EXC3 performance classes. In addition, our welding practices are endorsed by the quality standard LST EN ISO 3834-2. To ensure the most effective management of our standards, we have digitised our processes, aligning our digital infrastructure with the established standards. Being a fast-growing company, we meet new quality challenges every day. This keeps us focused on regular improvements so we stay capable of adjusting to the changing conditions.

We aim to keep the high quality of the overall client's experience with us. Investing in project management software is part of it, but we believe that guiding a client through the project and building a strong working partnership with him is just as important.

There's no question about keeping the highest standards for our manufacturing quality. We are constantly working on reducing safety risks, lowering our environmental impact and putting other best international quality practices into action.

All our efforts to keep the quality high can go to waste if the delivery itself is late. We have a track record of being on time and are determined to keep it.

Investing in our efficiency

To optimize project management efficiency and quality, our company is committed to invest in the digitalisation of internal processes.

We’ve adopted the ERP ODOO system to streamline a portion of our operations, complemented by various digital tools for comprehensive information management. We are also developing and enhancing an in-house order management system that seamlessly integrates with the ERP framework.  

Digitalisation is an ongoing process at our company, as we aim to incorporate it into every phase of our operations, eliminating any chance for informationto be misplaced or unprocessed.  

Our production processes are organized following the principles of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) methodology, with digitalisation serving as a cornerstone for its implementation and maintenance.  

Over the past thretwoe years, we’ve invested €700,000 in factory equipment and infrastructure. With the factory’s efficiency on the rise, we’re planning to increase our investment to approximately €1 million over the next three years. 

Our quality is supervised.


Butina UAB is a certified manufacturer of steel structures who is allowed to manufacture steel structures according to EN 1090-2 for Classes EXC1, EXC2, and EXC3.