We are manufacturers, engineers and installers of metal and steel structures used not only in industry but also in civil engineering. We have been working in this field since 1996. We always strive for offering project solutions that allow implementing not only standard orders but also grandiose architectural solutions. Led by the desire to grow and improve, we have assembled a professional team, which is supplemented by engineers who have gained the required qualification, assemblers, welders, and painters who are specialists in their field.




Our main goal is to understand the customer’s needs and help to turn them into a well thought-out project.

Proactiveness, competence, reliability and efficiency are our core values, which we adhere to at every stage of our operations.


25 years of experience in business

Butina has been manufacturing steel structures since 1996. Having started as small repair shops, today Butina UAB has expanded to an area of 3,500 sq. m and is successfully growing further.

The average work experience of an engineer is over 10 years

The team of Butina UAB consists of professionals with various experiences, where the minimum work experience is 8 years, and the longest is as much as over 40 years.

Versatile qualifications

The engineering staff includes specialists with higher education who have acquired different qualifications in various fields, such as construction engineering, production engineering, and welding technology.

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Our goal is to become choice No 1 in the manufacture of steel structures in Lithuania.

Each year, we invest in production capacity and efficiency and increase our capacity by at least 20% annually.

We continuously invest in employee safety and health, while creating a safe and friendly environment for the staff.

In order to protect our environment and nature, we need to use them sparingly and work efficiently. Over the past year, we have been able to reduce our waste percentage from 7% to 5%. Over the next year, using warehouse and production management IT solutions, we plan to achieve a level of only 1% of waste in our production process.