Butina is a certified manufacturer of steel structures, meeting the stringent requirements for Execution Class EXC3 as outlined in EN 1090-2:2018. Our expertise extends to working with steel groups 1.1, 1.2, and 1.4 under CEN ISO/TR 15608:2017. Our welding processes, including 135, 136, and 138, comply with the standards set by EN ISO 4063:2010. We also ensure that our steel structures have durable anti-corrosion coatings to enhance longevity and performance.  

Specializing in manufacturing steel structures since 1996, we are happy to apply our competencies to a wide range of projects. We aim not only to manufacture steel structures but also to keep the high quality of the overall client experience with us. We are constantly investing in project management software is part of it, but we believe that guiding a client through the project and building a solid working partnership with him is just as important. 


Steel structures for buildings

We provide a comprehensive range of steel structures tailored for all building types.

Complex steel structures

Our expertise encompasses designing and fabricating complex steel structures, including multi-dimensional shapes and towers.

Steel structures for process units

We specialise in steel structures for industrial lifting and process equipment, ensuring robust support and functionality.



We make sure that the quality of metal structures starts from the blueprints, consulting our clients on project requirements and technical details as early as possible. However, our extensive production experience is about more than simply creating structures that look robust on paper. Our deep understanding of steel production allows us to design metal structures that embody strength and durability in the real world. Every design we craft translates into tangible, steadfast constructions that stand the test of time and conditions.  

Well-thought-through designs can be crucial for an overall project’s success, and it is our commitment to leave no details behind

Production processes

Bunasta’s production facilities in Vilnius, Lithuania, enable us to control the full scope of steel production processes. Constantly upgrading and expanding our capacities, we are able to deliver clients’ orders efficiently and up to the required quality standards. You are always welcome to come, see our facilities, and make sure we are the right partner for your needs.

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Our assembly and welding processes adhere to international standards to ensure full structural integrity. We are certified to manufacture in compliance with the demanding requirements of Execution Classes EN 1090-2, EXC2, and EXC3.   

Plasma cutting
Gases Used for Cutting: Air, O2, N2 Air, N2. 
Source capacity:
Optimal Sheet Thickness: 35 mm (maximum – 50 mm). 
Product Dimensions: 6000×2000 mm. 
Cutting Speed: 0.5–5 m/min., depending on the sheet thickness. 
Detailed Marking: coordinates, holes, and other markings on the sheet.  

Drilling: All factory hole-drilling operations are performed with precision using milling cutters and drills. Our setup includes both stationary and portable machining tools, enabling us to drill holes with diameters up to 50 mm efficiently and accurately.   

Milling: Our facility is equipped with three sophisticated milling machines, each engineered for precise milling across three distinct planes, ensuring versatile and multi-dimensional machining capabilities.  

Turning: Equipped with two advanced lathe machines, our factory can execute a variety of turning tasks, accommodating intricate and diverse machining processes.   

Rolling: Our equipment is capable of rolling sheets with a maximum width of 2 meters and a thickness of up to 10 mm. 

Our company has adopted a welding quality management system in line with the LST EN ISO 3834 international standard, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality in every facet of our production.
Structure Truss: various frame structures. 
Beam: lintels, beams, platforms, etc. 
Spatial: galleries, towers, spatial supports and trusses. 
Welded: HSQ type beams, welded profiles, etc. 

We ensure that our metal structures are fortified with anti-corrosion coatings, meticulously applied following the stringent guidelines of LST EN ISO 12944 for paints and varnishes. Our produced steel structures benefit from robust anti-corrosion measures, utilizing protective paint systems designed for long-term durability. We also offer coatings compliant with the specifications of the Norwegian standard Handbook, ensuring a versatile approach to corrosion protection. 

Abrasive blasting: Treatment of metal surface with a flow of metal pellets is one of the methods we use to prepare it for further production steps. In this way, the metal surface is mechanically cleaned with a specially prepared abrasive. Round and ribbed metal pellets are reused many times. Of course, in order to achieve the highest quality, special equipment is used to collect and clean them.
During blasting, the metal is treated by roughing its surface: the pellets hit the surface to be treated and bounce off it instantly, leaving micropits. In addition, blasting allows removing the corrosive layer from the metal surface. For example, steel can be cleaned to an almost white colour. The service life of the metal treated in this way will be much longer.

 Anti-corrosion coating: Corrosion causes millions of losses every year. For the Lithuanian economy, it means EUR 984 million in losses every year. We understand the harmful corrosion processes and the damage they cause and, therefore, are paying growing attention to how to stop corrosion.Butina UAB offers a way out! It is an anti-corrosion priming and painting of the surfaces of metal products. The prepared primed metal is usually painted in 2 or 3 coats. Anti-corrosion coating of metal surfaces provides long-term protection against rust and resistance to external factors.
The formation of rust is caused by the oxidation of iron. This process occurs under the influence of oxygen and water contained in the air, which in turn decompose the metal. Therefore, it is particularly important to timely prevent the destruction of metal structures. By choosing the anti-corrosion coating service, you will avoid these troubles, and we will ensure the highest level of protection or your metal.
With the help of our reliable partners, the structures can also be hot-dip galvanised. Zinc ensures extremely strong anti-corrosion protection. The structures are galvanised under extremely aggressive environmental conditions. 


The installation of steel structures is a critical phase, demanding precision and expertise. We collaborate with reliable and long-term partners, each bringing years of dedicated experience. This alliance ensures that the assembly and installation of your structures are executed with precision. Our focus is on delivering a steel structure that will stand on a strong and reliable foundation. 



Drawing upon our extensive experience and valuable partnerships, we offer comprehensive services to design, provide, and install wall and roof structures:

• Wall assemblies crafted from sandwich panels.

• Roof systems are composed of both sandwich panels and corrugated steel decking.

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Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels have become a favoured choice for wall and roof coverings due to their superior thermal insulation, straightforward installation process, extensive colour selection, and long-lasting durability. These features make them an excellent option for both aesthetic and functional building requirements. 

Corrugated steel decking

Corrugated steel decking is a traditional material for cladding pitched roofs and walls. In contemporary construction, profiled steel decking enhances the rigidity and stability of buildings. It’s often integrated with metal framing elements to support structural loads efficiently. The installation of this roofing material stands out for its simplicity and speed, reducing labour time significantly. Moreover, the transportation and handling of these sheets are straightforward, facilitating a smoother construction process. 

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