HAUKA Stadium Structures, Iceland. 2023

Complex steel structures

Project Type:

We were responsible for a full scope of project: calculation, design, modelling and preparing the blueprint of steel structures.

The span of a steel structure is 83 m long, where the main load-bearing structure is formed by a triangular-shaped which is a spatial structure with a width of more than 4 m on one edge.

• 600 tonnes of extremely bulky structures manufactured and designed.
• 14,000 sq m of load-bearing profiled decking designed and delivered.
• Labour input: 26 000 hours of work.
• Painting 400 tonnes of structures per month at peak times.
• 41 trucks dispatched, 23 of which are longer than 19 metres or wider than 4 metres.

This is our largest project exported so far.

  • Client: Iceland
  • Quantity of materials: 600 tons